Moroccan DaydreamScreenHunter_08 Dec. 17 11.39

Created in the 3rd semester during the course ‚Entwurfsmethodik HAKA‘. The goal was to create a cutting pattern with no fabric waste, which is called ‚Zero Waste‘ in the fashion industry. Also we needed to recreate this piece with the software ‚CLO 3D‘, so that we could see what it looks like sewn together. In the first picture you can see my inspiration for this work. I was inspired by a trip to Marrakesh in the last year and drew inspiration from the bright and astonishing colors of Jardin Majorelle. It continues with the cutting pattern. After I had created this, I uploaded it in CLO 3D and created the bomber jacket with the given tools. You can see the results in the pictures following the sewing pattern. Finally there is also a technical drawing of the jacket with front and back view.

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