My name is Janina Hülsen and I am a Fashion Design Engineering student at HS Niederrhein in Mönchengladbach. I am currently in my 5th semester and plan on finishing my studies in the following year.

My passion for fashion is also in my everyday life omnipresent. When I am not at university to study fashion, I work at Birkenstock in Köln in the design department to use that theoretical knowledge in practical tasks. In my free time, I love to shoot and style outfits and to produce content for my instagram channel, which is a lot of fun for me.

Another passion of mine is travelling. I love to discover new places and countries and to see the world in all its facettes. Last year I went to Brussels, Mykonos, Paris, Berlin, Marrakesh, Amsterdam, Ibiza and Copenhagen and this year Barcelona, Vienna, Prague, Sicily, Dublin and London is on my list. My desire to see the world has evolved a lot since my exchange year to the USA in 2012, where I travelled alone for the first time and got to live in a completely new setting for a whole year.

Besides that, I love to spend time with my friends and family, sew, draw and cook.

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